KidsLink is a weekly program that helps children and teens develop social skills in a small group setting.

Enrolments are now open for programs at Gladesville, Mosman and Hornsby on Sydney's north shore. Register your interest or call us on 02 9960 1222 to find out more.

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A fun way to learn how to make and keep friends

KidsLink is a 9-week social skills program that helps children and teens with additional needs make friends and learn communication skills in a fun, creative, small group setting. There are 6 participants in each group, and all children and teens are matched with appropriate peers.

Groups are run by Spencer Health, a national psychology-based child development organisation. All classes are facilitated by a certified art therapist.

KidsLink provides an opportunity for your child or teen to:

       Make and sustain friendships

       Build confidence

       Develop communication and social skills

       Practise conversation in a fun, small group setting

       Self-express through art and creativity

       Build emotional skills and resilience

       Connect with peers in your local area

Build confidence and develop communication skills

"I feel special at KindsLink. I'm learning to make new friends."

Eve, 10

Kidslink participant

"This is the only after school group my child has ever liked."

Rena, parent of Kidslink participant

"My child’s teacher said they are doing so well, what has changed."

Helen, parent of KidsLink participant

"I see meaningful, lasting changes in the people I work with."


KidsLink therapist

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How does the KidsLink program work?

The KidsLink program comprises nine 1-hour weekly group sessions, and one 30-minute parent feedback session held at the end of the program.

Groups are made up of 6 participants, who are matched by age and personality.


Each session focuses on a particular topic, such as understanding different perspectives, standing up for yourself and conflict management. Topics are explored through art, discussion, and practise.

Fee: $900 per term (may be covered by NDIS for eligible participants with funding) and you may cancel after the first two weeks without financial penalty

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Give your child or teen the social and communication skills to reach their full potential.

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KidsLink groups use the principles of small group therapy to help develop emotional and social skills in children and young people.

The groups are designed to help children with social issues that may be related to disability or additional needs.

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